100 Days

It’s been 100 days since I last consumed alcohol. Triple digits. I’m honestly a little too tired to feel very excited, but I did want to write a celebratory post, one in which I share a little bit about how my life has changed in this time. But before I list those things, another brief […]

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When it rains…

…you know the rest of how this adage goes. Today, as I celebrate 99 days of sobriety, I am reminded of that saying, and another one: God never gives you more than you can handle–with his help. I’m putting my faith full-force into a Higher Power that I barely know, let alone understand, today. This […]

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Just for Today

In sobriety, we often talk about getting through difficulty by remembering that we only need to stay sober today. That concept often leads to saying, “one day at a time, maybe only one moment at a time.” Recovery slogans are a dime a dozen, yet every one of them has had more than ten cents’ […]

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