As I keep walking this path of recovery, I find myself blessed by opportunities. They take varied forms. Sometimes it’s a chance to help someone, and be of service. At other times it’s thinking about what I’m able to do for myself by remaining sober. My job is one place I’ve often considered a valuable […]

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Getting Through It

One of the sayings I’ve heard in recovery is “you’ve gotta get through it to get to it.” That really applied to me today. I woke up sicker than I’d been all week, exhausted and bloated and miserable. I went to work anyway–there was no one to cover my shift. I expected the worst. I […]

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Life likes to throw em at us! Especially in threes, it seems (it is a magic number, after all). This week, I’ve dealt with my (first, relatively minor) cancer scare, a hospitalized mother, and a cold. Plus, the everyday stresses of work and home life. Up until now, the majority of my recovery time has […]

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