Life likes to throw em at us! Especially in threes, it seems (it is a magic number, after all). This week, I’ve dealt with my (first, relatively minor) cancer scare, a hospitalized mother, and a cold. Plus, the everyday stresses of work and home life.

Up until now, the majority of my recovery time has felt pretty darn charmed. I found a home group and sponsor in AA right away. I’ve felt lots of growth and joy in becoming a recovering person. I’ve become more honest.

So, speaking honestly, I’m grateful to have had these challenges piled on me. It had to happen eventually, right? I’ve seen others struggle and felt like it was almost going too easily for me–though I’ve been grateful for that, too.

But here’s my point: getting these surprise challenges has tested and strengthened my resolve in proceeding with my sobriety. I haven’t wanted to drink over these past tough days. I’ve put increasing faith in my Higher Power (HP), and begun believing even more in the power of prayer and meditation.

I’ve gotten invaluable support and kindness and love from my recovery communities. I know, ever more, that I am not alone in any of this. There is always someone to listen, guide, and help me through it. It’s truly powerful and awe-inspiring.

So, if you’re in recovery and feeling challenged, reach out to someone, and to your HP. You are not alone. You can get through it. We can help. 


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