Getting Through It

One of the sayings I’ve heard in recovery is “you’ve gotta get through it to get to it.” That really applied to me today.

I woke up sicker than I’d been all week, exhausted and bloated and miserable. I went to work anyway–there was no one to cover my shift. I expected the worst. I prayed for serenity.

After a couple of hours, my burdens seemed lighter. I was still sick, but more alert and actually a bit buoyant! I got a chance to work on training a colleague on some more advanced processes, and felt grateful for everyone working as a team consistently all evening.

All in all, it was a really good day.

We often talk about releasing our expectations, in recovery, and in mindfulness. I’ve often found it a difficult thing to do, though. Today was a fabulous example of what my HP can do when I stop expectation and ask for help, guidance, and serenity. What a wonder.


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