As I keep walking this path of recovery, I find myself blessed by opportunities. They take varied forms. Sometimes it’s a chance to help someone, and be of service. At other times it’s thinking about what I’m able to do for myself by remaining sober.

My job is one place I’ve often considered a valuable avenue for providing service to others. To be honest, I lost sight of that for a long while, when I delved back into my addiction. Nowadays, I’m truly grateful to be more productive and helpful than ever. And amazingly happy about the work I do–not ALL the time, but most of it!

I might be getting a new and exciting opportunity in the near future, with my employer. If it bears out, I’ll write more on it later, but for now I’m excited by the prospect of it. 

I’m tired, and still getting over a cold, but I’m happy. I had an exciting idea for some new fiction, which I’m going to try to work on writing over the next few months. I have more painting to work on, too.

All in all, my life is busy and full, and I feel blessed by it. I should sit down and create a bit more structured schedule for myself, as I don’t manage to do everything I’d like to, most days. Yoga and meditation deserve more attention than they get, as does housework. Still, nothing is suffering or ignored as it would be if I were drinking. I’m amazed how productive I’m becoming, and excited to find out what’s possible for me to achieve.

Balance between productivity and rest has been difficult to strike, lately. I’m remaining mindful and endeavoring to keep self care a priority. To be honest, it never really has been, for me, so it’s taking time to build up the habit of slowing down or stopping to refuel myself.

It’s a good time to remind myself: take time to think today. Take time to sleep today. Take time to pray today. 

Look for opportunities today. What’s waiting for you around the next turn?


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