Hello friends! I’ve been lax again about updating my blog, but that means there’s plenty to write about now! The world feels like a crazy place right now. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the madness of violence, frustration, disappointment. Many of us are feeling these things, unsure what we can do about it. And […]

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Patio Season/Six Months 

Happy summer, folks. And Happy Six Months of Recovery, to me. Summer is also referred to as “patio season,” a great time to go out and enjoy good food and drink on a sidewalk somewhere, people-watching and getting some sun. I’ll be going out to my patio soon to grill food with neighbors, drink fizzy […]

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Some days, I just feel stuck. Stuck waiting for something to change. Stuck in the same old patterns of thought and behavior that are so well-tread as to be not only habit, but second-nature. These moments have been pretty fast and furious the last few weeks. I’ve felt a bit like a passenger in a […]

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Under Construction

I have returned after a long absence! Things are proceeding along for me, and I’m over five months sober–157 days.  My neighborhood is surrounded by a major construction project, one of many throughout our fair city. I have determined this to be more than the usual “construction season” work typical for Minnesota in the warm […]

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As I keep walking this path of recovery, I find myself blessed by opportunities. They take varied forms. Sometimes it’s a chance to help someone, and be of service. At other times it’s thinking about what I’m able to do for myself by remaining sober. My job is one place I’ve often considered a valuable […]

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